Best answer: Is there a right and wrong side to rib stitch?

Does rib stitch have a wrong side?

The opposite side of Broken Rib Stitch creates a beautiful textured pattern. It can be knitted as usual Broken Rib Stitch and then RS and WS have to be reversed. Or, to make it appear on the RS at once, row of 1×1 ribbing (alternating knit and purl stitches) can be followed by a row of purl stitches. … Row 2 (WS): knit.

How can you tell right side of rib knitting?

The tail at the bottom of your work (the yarn leftover from the cast-on row) should fall to the right of your work. When knitting in stocking stitch, this is what the right-side of your work will look like. If your pattern tells you to end on a RS row, your final row would start with the tail on the right-hand side.

What does ending with a right side row mean?

YOUR ANSWER. When it says ending with …, row it means that the last row you knit before you continue with the next section of your knitting pattern will be that type of row. … If it says ending with a right side row, the last row you knit for that section of your pattern will be a right side row.

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Does the cast off count as a row?

Actually, what you shouldn’t be counting is the “row” formed by the cast on. The cast on doesn’t count as a row. But it’s easier to count all the rows in the worked fabric, below the needle, and just not count the loops on the needle.

How do you know which is the wrong side of the Garter stitch?

For some knit swatches, like a garter stitch in all one color, the RIGHT and WRONG side is totally the same, since the same knit stitch is on both sides of the work. Once we change colors, the RIGHT and WRONG sides becomes obvious. You can think of the Wrong side as the Back Side.

What does ending on a wrong side row mean in crochet?

When your pattern tells you to end on a wrong side row it means that the last row you knit is the one on the wrong side (hidden side) of your project. … So if you are knitting in stocking stitch (stockinette) the last row you work is a purl row so that you are ready to knit the next row.